Michelle Mackintosh - Brand Strategist | Pulse Digital Marketing

About Pulse Digital

Michelle Mackintosh Digital Marketing StrategistPulse Digital is a marketing consultancy that provides a range of services to small and medium-sized businesses in western Canada.

With a client-side marketing career spanning over 15 years, Michelle Mackintosh – brand strategist and principal – develops custom marketing solutions for her clients that grow top-line revenue and make a real impact on bottom-line profitability. She and her team then execute the tactics that drive engagement, improve brand awareness and recall, and create cult-like loyalty.

Michelle’s background is primarily in business-to-consumer lifestyle marketing in the areas of tourism/hospitality, recreation, retail, real estate and construction trades.

Pulse Digital is a member of Communo – a marketing services collective with experts in all disciplines including art & design, front and back end development, media buying, research, brand & digital strategy. The Communo mantra is “Experts. Always.”