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It’s not always about marketing

Oftentimes, as business owners or managers, we think we need better marketing. Usually we do and I am of the mind that most everything can be done better or more effectively or more efficiently. My goal for my clients is to improve inefficiencies and increase profitability and if you’re an entrepreneur, that is likely your goal […]

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Selling Tips from a Buyer’s Perspective
Sellers Tips from a Buyers Perspective

In my job I buy stuff every day. I buy media advertising. I buy printing services. I buy other production services. I buy website development and computer equipment. I buy software and promotional gadgets. Sometimes I giggle at the fact that I get to go to work every day and spend other peoples’ money… But […]

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Alberta’s small businesses: work smarter in 2016
Alberta Small Business Work Smarter

The Calgary Herald reported today that Small and medium-sized businesses plan to cut spending 27% this year and that Small business confidence hits another record low in Alberta. In this business climate that you need to make sure every dollar works for you and your best bet is a well-rounded and integrated marketing and sales […]

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